Selasa, Mei 04, 2010

Lesbian's a common sense ?

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MORE than 100 people turned up for a wild lesbian party held at a nightspot in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, Kosmo! reported.

The evening’s entertainment included games where blindfolded participants placed stickers on their bodies where they wanted to be licked, the daily said.

Some participants were reported to have also taken off their clothes to take part in the games.
Guests were also entertained by sexy dancers, the daily reported.

A source, who wanted to be identified only as Misha, said the nightspot in Jalan Munshi Abdullah was open from 9pm to 3am every day.

“Underage patrons can enter without showing even their MyKads. The charge for entrance is only RM20 and if somebody comes with a date, they get a special price of RM35,” she said.

She has previously sent an e-mail to religious authorities complaining of the matter but lamented that no action had been taken.

sejarah, hukum-hakam, dalil tentangnya, dan bahananya terhadap negara kita , sila layari :

ya ALLAH, Tunjukkan kami jalan yang lurus....
tetapkan kami dalam agama dan ketaatan terhadap MU....

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